The accuracy of track sawing is second to none, providing unparalleled precision and smooth cuts.



Fortis Construction's fleet of wall saws has the ability to hold diamond blades ranging from 450mm to over 1,6m in diameter, giving us the ability to cut a wide variety of depths.



With our highly skilled workforce and over thirty track saws at our disposal, Robore are able to carry out works efficiently to the highest industry standards which in turn can save you time and money.


Diamond track saws are operated remotely and fitted with manufacturer blade guards. Our operatives are trained to the highest safety standards and hold all relevant certificates to the task required.


What is Wall Saw Cutting?

Wall saw cutting allows us to create precise cuts in heavily reinforced concrete and masonry structures.


Diamond-tipped blades can cut through even the toughest of materials, and our modern high-spec machinery provides maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy.

How does Wall Saw Cutting work?

During Wall Saw Cutting, the track is fixed to the structural element being cut (the concrete or masonry surface), and the cutting head moves along this track, plunging the diamond-tipped blade to the required cutting depth.


The Wall Saw systems are powered by an electric unit.

Wall Saw Cutting is an exceptionally safe method – the blade is covered by a guard, and the saw is controlled remotely by a skilled operator.


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