Fortis Construction uses the highest quality diamond drill bits to create precise holes and openings required in a wide range of materials.


Minimal Waste

Diamond drilling produces a solid section of core debris, allowing for fast and efficient waste removal.

Cost Effective

Diamond drilling is fast, efficient and accurate

High Speed

Diamond drilling is the quickest method of drilling through a vast range of hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, blockwork, asphalt and many more.


Minimal Vibration

Unlike percussive drilling methods, diamond drilling produces a low level of noise and vibration as well as minimal dust.

Wide Range Of Sizes

Diamond core drill bit diameters generally range from 10mm to 600mm and can be utilised in a variety of methods to achieve desired results to virtually any depth.


When precision matters, diamond drilling delivers far more accuracy than some conventional cutting methods.


What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond core drilling uses a rig-mounted rotary drill fitted with a specialist cylindrical drill bit. The drill bit has diamond segments welded to its cutting surface. Due to their extreme strength diamonds are ideal for cutting into solid surfaces including reinforced concrete, masonry, tile, stone and asphalt.

Diamond drilling is ideal for creating, or ‘coring’, clean, precise holes ranging from 10mm and 600mm+ in diameter in hard materials such as stone, brick and concrete walls or other materials.


Diamond drilling is commonly used in construction and controlled demolition. It offers many advantages over conventional drilling methods, as it is accurate, efficient and non-percussive.

What is Diamond Stitch Drilling?

Diamond stitch drilling involves drilling a series of overlapping holes in a stitch-like pattern around the perimeter of the opening. After this, the remaining central material is removed and the edges finished to create the opening.

Diamond stitch drilling can be used to cut holes and openings of any size, shape and depth. Our largest diamond drill bit measures 600mm in diameter, so when larger penetrations are required, diamond stitch drilling would be the most efficient option.


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